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The American Pinzgauer Association is the only authorized American herdbook of the International Pinzgauer Cattle Breeders Association. The Association has as its primary objective; the development, registration, and promotion of the Pinzgauer breed of cattle in the United States of America. The ultimate goal of the Association is to ensure that the Pinzgauer breed will make an important contribution to the improvement of the cattle industry in America.

The Association is open to all cattle breeders who wish to import purebred Pinzgauer cattle and/or engage in a supervised pedigree program for the development of the Pinzgauer breed in the United States. The Association shall establish and maintain efficient systems for the registration, recordation, and evaluation of qualified pedigree Pinzgauer cattle.

One of the primary aims of the Association will be to maintain high breeding standards with emphasis placed on beef production.

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