Key for Tattoo Letters:
Use the letter "M" for 2024 Calves
Use the letter "L" for 2023 Calves
Use the letter "K" for 2022 Calves
Use the letter "J" for 2021 Calves
Use the letter "H" for 2020 Calves
Use the letter "G" for 2019 Calves
Use the letter "F" for 2018 Calves
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Please join our Team!

The American Pinzgauer Association is looking for Juniors ages 9 through 21 to exhibit Pinzgauer cattle as 4H and FFA Livestock projects. These livestock projects:
  1. are tools for development of living skills for APA Junior members.

  2. provide an opportunity to expand their knowledge of livestock production, animal welfare and management.

  3. improve and enhance Pinzgauer production in their region and state.

Junior members are eligible to exhibit their registered cattle at the National Junior Pinzgauer Show and at Regional Shows.

If you are interested in becoming a Junior member of the APA, please contact Stacey Ferguson at [email protected].

Juniors are the future of the Pinzgauer breed!
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