Key for Tattoo Letters:
Use the letter "M" for 2024 Calves
Use the letter "L" for 2023 Calves
Use the letter "K" for 2022 Calves
Use the letter "J" for 2021 Calves
Use the letter "H" for 2020 Calves
Use the letter "G" for 2019 Calves
Use the letter "F" for 2018 Calves
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Why Become a Member?

Your membership in the American Pinzgauer Association offers you a variety of benefits. Your farm name and contact information will be added to the APA website under the breeder directory and your name will be added to the mailing list to receive newsletters from the APA. Being a member also allows you to advertise in our free classified ads section on the website. Would you like to connect to other Pinzgauer breeders? Being a member allows you to have access to other breeders across the nation and stay informed on things that are happening within the Association and with the breed. As an active member, you can bring registered cattle to the National Show, where you can visit with other Pinzgauer breeders and attend the general membership meeting and banquet. One of the most important reasons to become a member of the APA is that you want to promote this great breed and have a voice in the Association!

*Any and all membership is based on a calendar year that begins on January 1st and goes through December 31st of each year. If you join at any point during the calendar year, your membership will still expire December 31st.

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