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The American Pinzgauer Association (APA) registration fees are based on date of postmark, indicating date mailed by applicant. Transfer and lease fees are based on the date of sale or lease. If the correct fee does not accompany the application or the prior payment has not been made, the sender is notified of the unpaid balance. NO APPLICATIONS ARE PROCESSED UNTIL TRANSACTION IS PAID IN FULL. FEE MUST ACCOMPANY THIS FORM.

Non-members, associate and honorary members may register Pinzgauer cattle at DOUBLE the active member fee. It is the policy of the APA that the seller will pay registration and transfer fees.

Please Make Checks Payable to:
International Livestock Registries
P.O. Box 118 - Butler, MO 64730
Phone: 816-738-4179

Fax: 660-227-6111
Membership and Annual Service Fees
Annual Adult Membership
Junior Membership
Associate Membership
Registration Fees
Registration under 12 months of age
Registration 12 months to 24 months of age
Registration over 2 years of age
Steer Registration

Imported Animals (Must provide foreign registry certificate)
Less than 12 months after U.S. entry
12-24 months after U.S. entry
Over 2 years after U.S. entry

At time of registration
Within 60 days of animal's sale date
Over 60 days from the animal's sale date

Cattle Leasing Fees
Within 60 days of lease initiation or termination
Over 60 days of lease initiation or termination

DNA Typing Fees
DNA Typing Fee

Other Miscellaneous Fees
Certificate correction or addition
Name or rename animal
Reissue lost certificate or photocopies of certificate
Research animal or give extended pedigree (per hour)
Change of name on membership

All registration and transfer fees are subject to review. All applications must be signed by breeder.
When using a Credit/Debit Card, you will be charged a 4% courtesy fee.


Key for Tattoo Letters:

Use the letter "F" for 2018 Calves
Use the letter "G" for 2019 Calves
Use the letter "H" for 2020 Calves
Use the letter "J" for 2021 Calves

Two to four letters assigned to your farm by the APA.

If you don't have one, please call and get one!
  • Member number – this is the number that the APA office gave your when youjoined the APA – it also serves as your account and breeder numbers

  • Breeder Number – who bred the calf

  • Dam & Sire Registration Numbers – found on the Dam & Sires registration papers – please include the name of them on the application

  • Herd ID – this is the tattoo that is in the animals ear, this is both the herd prefix and the number and letter (example: APA 01B)

  • Calf’s Name – what you named the animal you are registering (example: APA Asome Calf)

  • Breeding Type – AI, Natural, or ET (how the calf was conceived)

  • Birth Date – when the calf was born

  • Birth Weight – what the calf weighted when it was born

  • Tattoo – the tattoo that you put in the calf’s ear – this is where your herd prefix and the number of the calf and the letter for the year (example: APA 01B)

  • Birth Group – you many assign a number for the group that the calf was in – you can leave this blank if you wish

  • Breed Code – Austrian Fullblood or American Fullblood

  • Color – what color is the calf

  • Birth Type – How many were born from this mating

  • Calving Ease – did you help deliver the calf or was it born on its own

  • Horned – does the calf have horns or not

  • Sex – what sex is the calf

  • Weaning and Yearling weights – this is the weight taken at weaning and when the animal is a year old, please take a hip height and (scrotal measurement if a bull)

  • If you sell your calf you are responsible for transferring the animal into the new owners name

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